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018. Phoenix – (friend post)

My friend Mihai scoate la iveala ceva frumos:


017. azi e summit. Asa, si?

015. “Lumea are nevoie de EL!”….Are?

My dearest,

It is obvious from your letters that you strongly believe diamonds are forever, and that you secretly hope they’ll be for your eyes only. I also understand you have divorced the man with a golden gun, and that you are considering to give up the licence to kill (although you still feel the world is not enough). I must confess this seems to be the riskiest bet Casino Royale ever documented. Tell me dear: would you bet our childrens’ quantum of solace just because you hope tomorrow never dies? Anyway, I’m not Dr. No, but I guess that it’s too bad you survived the war to die another day.

from Russia with love,

014. semn

013. numele meu pe toate…

LMA 2 me 😛

012. Timeless truth

We wants it!